The PEER Group was formed to assist our clients with developing their most significant resource – People. We apply our 40 years of diversified experience combined with best practices, lessons learned, and talent management products and processes to help create a positive employer/employee relations climate where employee engagement is the norm.

By incorporating the services provided by the PEER Group, your efficiency will significantly increase and so will your time to focus on core business activities. We never lose sight of the goal to assist your entire business be more agile and competitive.

David Sullivan, Managing Partner of the PEER Group, traveled a different career path than most of his generational peers. The model when David began his career was to obtain an education and find a job that you could stay with until retirement. To gain the kind of experience David desired and to accomplish his goal he knew that he needed to learn many facets of business, not just one or two segments.

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The PEER Group stands apart through our deep range of managed services developed and honed through proven best practices. As a leader of Human Resources, Manufacturing Operations, Sales, Finance, Environmental, Health and Safety, Supply Chain, Employee Development, Coaching and Mentoring, David understands your business climate and knows how to work within your organization’s culture.

If you want to grow your business and improve the health of your organization, then contact us to learn more about our broad range of products and services that will exceed your expectations.


David’s career experience is an accumulation of many years with prominent global organizations including Georgia Pacific (Wood Products), Cargill (Agribusiness), Right Management (Consulting), and Emerson (Global Manufacturing).