Vision to See ~ Faith to Believe ~ Courage to Do

“Strive not be a success but rather to be of value" ~ Albert Einstein

Human Capital Management Services

The Positive Employer/Employee Relation (PEER) group is a hybrid organization established in 2007. We combine the social logic of a nonprofit with the commercial philosophy of a for-profit firm.

We have over 50 years of experience and have executed several strategies to enhance the workflow, business structure, and operations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a best practice workforce development business partner establishing the Positive Employer / Employee Relations (PEER) Group as a preeminent workforce development resource.

Our Values

In pursuing this vision, our most important values, which guide our priorities and behaviors, are:

  • We provide outstanding, timely and responsive, customer service to our customers.
  • We provide solutions, not simply training.
  • We provide mutual support fostering a rewarding and energetic work environment.
  • We take pride in knowing our job, following procedures, and ensuring our processes maximize our customer service priority.
  • We give 100% effort while maintaining job-family-personal balance.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Positive Employer / Employee Relations (PEER) Group is to meet the workforce development needs of employers in our market area through customized training and development programs, consulting, and a variety of other services that support the demands of employer and individual development.

The PEER Group


We specialize in a variety of organizational processes.

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Human resources
  • Strategic planning & execution
The PEER Group

Our Business Model

THE PEER GROUP helps clients manage and streamline their business operations and internal processes for faster growth.

The PEER Group

Key Elements of Our Business Model

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • Succession planning
  • Mentoring
  • All aspects of human resource management

Strategic Business Partnerships

We have established strong, professional business partnerships with providers who complement our business model.

Our partners bring in their industry expertise, which helps us to develop effective strategies.

We incorporate advanced developmental tools, systems, and processes to enhance our abilities to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our Focus

  • Continuous improvement
  • Organizational development
  • Creating a culture of learning
  • Providing tactical and strategic solutions
  • Training for compliance
  • Creating harmonious employee relations
  • Conflict resolution