Positive Employer/ Employee Relations (PEER) Group, LLC

Established in 2007, the Positive Employer | Employee Relations (PEER) Group partners with Business and Industry in developing and executing initiatives that enhance the existing leadership culture while planting seeds for the culture of the future.

The PEER Group has over 50 years of Senior Management Experience, domestic and international, in Work Force Planning & Development, Manufacturing Operations, Human Resources Strategic Planning & Execution We have the capability to leverage and engage developmental tools, systems, and processes to enhance our ability to serve the business needs of our clients.

Our business model includes, strategic planning, leadership development, coaching for individuals and teams, succession planning, mentoring, entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial training and business development and all aspects of human resource management. The PEER Group has developed strategic business partnerships with providers who are in alignment with and who complement our business model. Our partners provide world class materials and expertise in many areas of organizational development.

The PEER Group
The PEER Group
The PEER Group

Strategic Planning

Effective training and development initiatives convey the relevant and useful information that helps participants to be aware of skill development and behavior. This can be transferred back to the workplace. At the PEER Group, our goal is to create an impact that lasts beyond the training itself while striving to achieve and sustain a new desired state.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Initiatives convey relevant and useful information that informs participants and develop skills and behaviors that can be transferred back to the workplace. At the PEER Group, our goal is to create an impact that lasts beyond the training itself while striving to achieve and sustain a new desired state.

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Coaching Individuals and Teams

Our coaching model motivates and inspires people to do better and reach greater heights. It is based on leadership. Our coaching is all about communicating the what, the why, and helping with the how. Whether it’s behavioral or attitudinal problems, we help people overcome these obstacles and become more efficient.

The primary goal of this coaching is to transform individuals into critical leaders for today’s and tomorrow’s business climate.

Succession Planning

We focus on succession development rather than planning. We believe in measuring the outcomes and not the process. We keep it simple and realistic. Our dynamic model incorporates coaching, mentoring, training, and the use of reliable assessment instruments administered by a competent coach. Our ultimate goal is to build organizational bench strength for the future.

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The PEER Group


Today, with several generations in leadership and workplace situations, diverse communications and professional styles are being exhibited. Our mentoring model is cross-generational and designed to help you with a variety of objectives.

  • Developing the skills and competencies for the future
  • Exploring career directions
  • Sharing life experiences
  • Supporting and encouraging your teams

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is one of the most crucial aspects of organizational structure and planning. We work with industry leaders to develop effective strategies that help businesses in finding the right talent for the stipulated roles and responsibilities. THE PEER GROUP has developed partnerships with leading talent management companies.

Our Partners

  • TriNet PEO
  • Everything DiSC - A Wiley Brand
  • The Five Behaviors®
  • Emplify